Commercial Heat Pumps

Commercial & Industrial Heat Pumps.


With the experience of more than 25 years in Commercial & Industrial Plumbing Design and Installations, we the staff at Domestic Heat Pumps can assist you the building owner, developer or architect to:-
 Audit your existing/ new hot water system.
 Design, size, position and specify an energy efficient hot water system.
 Draw up a maintenance and servicing program.

Numerous case studies have proven that Industrial Heat Pump installations far out perform Solar Hot Water installations. To simplify, Industrial Heat Pumps are better for the following reasons.

 They can operate 24 hours a day, at night and in wet overcast conditions.
 They require a small footprint (area) to be installed.
 They can be positioned & screened off, so as not to be architecturally imposing.
 Capital expenditure to repayment time is very short (usually under two years).
 Life expectancy of an installation is 15 – 20 years with regular maintenance.